Wadding Packs

There is a bewildering variety of Wadding (aka Batting) available. We offer the two most popular waddings,  100% Cotton and 100% Polyester in packs. Both are of medium loft, needle punched and suitable for most purposes.  There are some things worth knowing about wadding....
  • It needs to be "rested" before you use it to avoid a lumpy, puckered effect. All wadding has either been rolled or folded and you should lay it flat for 24 hours before use. Lay it on a bed or over a bannister. Many quilters swear by their tumble dryer as an alternative resting technique - 15 mins on a cool cycle. Take it out and fluff it every few minutes.
  • Make sure you use the right, sharp needle in your machine. Over the years many of our students have complained that their machines will not quilt properly to find that with a new needle it sews beautifully. Change your needle after every 10 or 12 hours of use. This will save your temper and reduce the wear on your machine
  • Don't attempt to quilt High Loft wadding unless you are quite experienced. It is quite difficult to get it through the machine
  • Make sure you observe the maximum quilting interval. This is shown on the packaging. The Quilters Dream packs have a maximum distance between stitching of 12" for the polyester and 8" for the cotton. 
Wadding Packs

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